Alltel Wireless was a wireless service provider, primarily based in the United States. Before acquisitions by Verizon Wireless and AT&T, it served 34 states and had approximately 13. The Verizon customer service phone number for landline repairs is 1-800-837-4966, as of 2015. Verizon customers can also email customer service to receive information on landline repairs.offers online support for landline issues as well. Get residential home phone service for less from AT&T. Learn about our home phone options and plans and select the best option for your needs.

Traditional home phone service – national and international calling made easier. With affordable plans, crystal clear calling, and popular phone features, connecting with friends and family has never been more convenient. That’s why AT&T has been a trusted home phone service provider for over 100 years. AT&T Lifeline offers a discounted telephone service plan to make basic phone service even more affordable for qualified customers. ^ Calls to both landline and premium termination devices and services are included if they are part of the first 300 or 500 minutes depending upon the plan. Minutes over 300 or 500 minutes depending upon the plan are billed at the applicable Standard or Premium rate..

Alltel customer service phone number along with tips, reviews, hours and other useful links. Visitto switch and save on unlimited data plans, internet service, & TV with premium entertainment! America's best network is also the fastest. Porting an existing phone number is subject to an additional fee, and may not be available for all numbers. Annual and monthly fees quoted do not include initial purchase of magicjack device or devices which includes 1 year of service or shipping, administration and regulatory fees and taxes as applicable. Since 1985, the Lifeline program has provided a discount on phone service for qualifying low-income consumers to ensure that all Americans have the opportunities and security that phone service brings, including being able to connect to jobs, family and emergency services.

Jul 08, 2008 · It is a great service. It is just a small cellular box that gets it's own phone number, and simply plugs into your existing home telephone jack. It then make all the other home telephone jacks in your home active via the Alltel cellular network. You can use any standard corded or cordless home telephone. An Alltel Local Number service uses virtual inbound numbers that use local area codes eg. 02, 03, 07, 08. But unlike landline numbers, these are solely used for receiving calls and do not require new phone. Landline numbers. Landlines operate on the public switched telephone network PSTN, which is the technical term for them—but they’re sometimes called POTS, short for “plain old telephone service.” Like the name suggests, landlines are the most basic of phone. Explore Verizon's full selection small and medium business solutions including FiOS, high speed internet, phone, and TV service. As virtual business numbers, these can be used for different areas and regions, while calls are redirected to your phone. You have the option to get new numbers or keep your existing landline, VoIP, 1300 and 1800 numbers by transferring your service to Alltel.

Disappointed with your home phone service? See why Vonage may offer better pricing and more features, plus the flexibility to make and receive calls on your home phone and two smartphones with the Vonage ® Extensions ® app. When I first heard of a way to get cheap home phone service and no bill I thought it was a scam. But I am happy to say it works great. If you want a way to get a home phone without a monthly bill, deposit or credit check, look no further. Incoming calls to your 1300 number can be answered on your mobile, landline, office phones or hosted phone systems. When a call is made to a 1300 number from a fixed landline, the caller is charged at local call rate regardless of the state or location they are in. Mobile rates vary, depending on. Alltel Communications, Inc. was founded in 1982. The company's line of business includes providing two-way radiotelephone communication services such as cellular telephone services. Messaging International Plc,signed an agreement with Alltel Wireless, to provide itsText-to-Landline service. This application will allow Alltel Wireless subscribers to send text messages from a wireless phone to any landline phone and receive responses back to the wireless phone.

Xfinity Voice is a digital phone service known as VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol. It takes your phone service online to give you the best call clarity and advanced features, and requires an Internet connection. You can rent our Xfinity Wireless Gateway or you can purchase your own modem. Directory assistance is more commonly known as 411, a service that provides local and national phone numbers for a fee. Local & National Directory Assistance can be used to find a published listing, name or address anywhere in the United States by following these steps.

Find and compare home phone service providers in Odum, GA. Choose from a list of residential phone service providers in Odum, GA to find the best one for your home. Why choose an inbound number with Alltel? Inbound numbers such as 1300 or 1800 numbers can serve as a great business tool. Not only do they make your business look more professional to prospective customers, they offer far more flexibility and portability over a standard business phone number because they are not tied to a fixed landline or location. The telephone voice quality is not only amplified but also with improved clarity. A perfect landline phone for the handicapped. Affordable Voice Amplified Photo Phone – Make quick calls with buttons that have photos on them. This is the most affordable handicap phone.

  1. If you have other devices, like an internet device or wireless home phone, we’ll automatically send you a comparable replacement, preselected by AT&T. If you purchased a tablet from Alltel, it will continue to work using Wi-Fi connectivity and will not need to be replaced.
  2. Information and profile from the headquarters of the communications and information services leader. Investor and career options published.
  3. Get Home Phone Service bundled with Internet, for unlimited nationwide long distance, Caller ID, Call Waiting and other features, at the same monthly price.
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With Windstream Phone, you'll have access to the nation, at a low monthly rate. Windstream Home Phone includes unlimited nationwide calling over a crystal clear connection, so you can call everyone you want to in the US, as often as you like. Add Home Phone to your Windstream Internet package today, and start saving on your home services. Global Connection Prepaid Home Phone Service offers customers the convenience and security of prepaid home phone service local and long distance with no credit checks, no deposits, no contracts, and no hassles over back due bills. Our most popular plans include Caller ID and Call Waiting at no additional charge.

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