Worldwide leader in group travel for 18-35's. See the world with Contiki and live life with absolutely NOREGRETS. Travel gives you this opportunity to escape your normal life, and a Contiki tour gives you a family to have fun doing it with. Basically, you aren’t too old for Contiki. However, You may be too old for Contiki if you think you are and start behaving like you’re too old. Contiki offers tours to independent travellers aged 18 to 35. They have hard upper age limits on their tours and will not allow travellers older or younger than their age bracket to book a trip. Contiki divides their trips into different classifications that help indecisive travellers determine the right trip for them based on their interests. Jul 28, 2015 · So I did my first Contiki tour last year at 37, and wish I'd found out about it earlier. Went to the Greek Islands for the Mykonos and Island cruising trip. Gotta say I.

Answer 1 of 6: Ck traveller. Love to get information for companies that might specialize in more active tours. I did Contiki in my 20's and Topdeck in my 30's, and travelled most of Europe. Now that I'm 40, I'd love to find a company that gives. I don't mind an older age range just not one that excludes me: In my 30 years of travel I've always planned and mapped my own itinerary, arranged my own flights and accommodation with the exception of my very first trip to Europe 30 years ago which was a Contiki Tour.. Oct 08, 2019 · Best companies for seniors tours in 2019 You're never too old for an adventure. Find out where to book some of the best seniors tours for the young-at-heart traveller.

See the top tours for young adults in Bavaria. Travel with other young professionals, '20 somethings' and under 40s while exploring places like Munich and Rome. All. Europe - Tour Groups for 30 to 40 year olds? Singles Groups? - Anyone know of a good tour group for Europe where the majority of the people are Senior Citizens?. If you've already taken one.

Feb 13, 2010 · HELP ME FIND TOUR GROUPS THAT CATER FOR OVER 35'S? My parents always dreamed of doing a Contiki tour, but they are in their late 40's now. Is there any travel companies like Contiki that cater for travellers that are over 35 years old? I want to help them find something that will give them an amazing experience and something that does not. Europe - Tours For Young Professionals Other Than Contiki - I want to go on a tour of Spain but with people my age 20's and 30's. I went on a Contiki about 5 years ago but.that was 5 years ago.

8 tour companies like Contiki for epic adventures Go somewhere you have never been and explore the world with travel deals from tour companies like Contiki. When I was a young thing, I used to go on Contiki tours and have a ball. All these pretty young things, bunking in together, abusing our bodies, with late How I wish there was a travel 'club' for us older people! Older Travellers - Lonely Planet Forum - Thorn Tree.

Aug 22, 2014 · Every tour has one, just the way every hostel dorm has one. How I became the 'creepy old man' on a bus tour. Ben Groundwater 09:50, Aug 22 2014. The only person older.

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